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At Windsor PLC, we provide comprehensive legal and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services for construction defect, real estate and business cases.

We represent clients in litigation involving disputes over commercial property and business transactions, insurance, real estate and personal injury. We also mediate disputes related to commercial matters, employment and workplace disputes, personal injury, elder and estate planning and more.

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Jeffrey R. Windsor

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Let Jeffrey R. Windsor and his skilled team represent and guide you throughout the civil litigation process. With 22 years of experience and hundreds of cases litigated to verdict or settlement successfully, Windsor PLC will help you resolve your conflict.

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Mediation and Litigation for Businesses,
Attorneys, and Families


Mediation is a type of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that allows parties to resolve a matter. It is private, confidential, affordable and more efficient than litigation.

Jeffrey R. Windsor can serve as a mediator in your dispute by guiding the parties through the mediation process, listening to everyone's concerns, recommending solutions, and facilitating thoughtful discussion.


Litigation may be necessary, when a dispute cannot be resolved through alternative dispute resolution methods.

If your case needs to be litigated, the experienced litigation team at Windsor PLC will advocate aggressively for you through trial or help negotiate a settlement for your case — with a constant focus on your needs and best interests.

Hear from Our Clients and Peers

“I have known Jeff for 20 years, and in all of those roles, whether adversary, colleague or confidant, I have witnessed him to be one of the most upstanding individuals I know in terms of his ethics and morality, his competence and thoughtfulness.”

-Peer Review, Partner

“Jeff was everything we could have hoped for in our legal representation. Though our situation was complex, he quickly grasped it, did thorough research, and presented us with a clear analysis of our options at every new development.

-Charles C.

“Fantastic experience! I had the pleasure to be a client of Jeff Windsor's. Not only was Jeff extremely professional and knowledgeable, but he was outstanding in handling my case and seeing me through all roadblocks over the course of several years.”

-Maggie K.

Have Questions?

What’s the difference between mediation and litigation?

Mediation is a collaborative and cost-effective way to resolve a conflict outside of court with the help of a neutral third party known as a mediator. It focuses on open communication, offering a real chance of satisfying both parties and, if possible, preserving their relationship. On the other hand, litigation is an adversarial process in which parties allow the judicial system to decide their case. Typically, litigation is more time-consuming and costly than mediation.

How do I decide whether mediation or litigation is right for my case?

The choice between litigation and mediation depends on your situation and goals. You need to think about several factors, including the nature of your conflict, your desired outcome, how much time and money you’re willing to spend, and whether you’re open to compromise. Mediation is possible for most disputes — and it’s usually faster, more affordable and collaborative. But sometimes, litigation cannot be avoided. An experienced attorney can help you decide which method is best for you.

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