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Windsor PLC represents individuals and businesses in Redwood City, San Mateo, and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Jeffrey R. Windsor and his team help clients understand and navigate their disputes prior to and throughout the civil litigation process, including mediation and arbitration. Our litigation expertise includes:


Mediation for Businesses, Attorneys, and Families

Alternative Dispute Resolution is a valuable tool for businesses and individuals to reach efficient, lasting solutions to conflicts.

Mediation is private, confidential, affordable, faster, and less adversarial than litigation. It is an option in most disputes.

We mediate in those same areas in which we litigate.

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California Mandates Written Disclosure of Mediation Confidentiality

Reminder: Starting January 1, 2019, Section 1129 of the Evidence Code will require written disclosure by attorneys to clients about the confidentiality requirements in mediation. A sample disclosure form is included.

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New Rules of Professional Conduct in California

Starting November 1st, new rules apply to all lawyers practicing in California. Here we review just a handful of the bigger changes.

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