Mediation in Litigation Services

Mediation Can Resolve a Dispute Even After Litigation Ensues.

Mediation can resolve disputes during or even before litigation begins, avoiding drawn-out courtroom battles.

As a mediator who has helped resolve many disputes after litigation is already in progress, Jeffrey R. Windsor has extensive training and experience in transforming contentious cases into mutually agreeable outcomes.

Our experienced mediator has the skills and experience to advise you on whether mediation is appropriate for your case. Many lawsuits lend themselves to mediation if parties are willing to negotiate reasonably.

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Mediation Benefits

The benefits of resolving litigation matters through mediation include:

Cost savings from avoided trial expenses

Faster resolution than litigation timeframes

Maintaining privacy and confidentiality

Reducing relational damage between parties

Crafting solutions not limited to court judgments

Our Approach to Mediation in Litigation

  • Pre-mediation Case Review

    Jeff thoroughly reviews the case details to understand the core issues and prepare an agenda conducive to progress.

  • Facilitated Discussions

    He guides productive dialogue and helps parties gain insight into one another’s perspectives.

  • Drafting Agreements

    Jeff assists in formulating resolution terms and drafting documents to formalize the mediated agreement.

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Jeffrey R. Windsor

Why Choose Mediator Jeffrey R. Windsor?

Seasoned attorney and mediator Jeffrey R. Windsor offers extensive litigation experience combined with advanced mediation training.

Jeff brings a balanced perspective aimed at upholding both parties’ rights within mediated resolutions. He is also an experienced litigator, so he knows what happens in the courtroom, too. Jeff is an expert in areas that include commercial mediation, shareholder and business partner disputes, real estate disputes, and others.

Hear from Our Clients and Peers

“Perfect demeanor and temperament for a mediator, very even-keeled, calm, and calming.”

-Peer review, Attorney

“I have known Jeff for 20 years, and in all of those roles, whether adversary, colleague or confidant, I have witnessed him to be one of the most upstanding individuals I know in terms of his ethics and morality, his competence and thoughtfulness.”

-Peer Review, Partner

“Fantastic experience! I had the pleasure to be a client of Jeff Windsor's. Not only was Jeff extremely professional and knowledgeable, but he was outstanding in handling my case and seeing me through all roadblocks over the course of several years.”

-Maggie K.

Have Questions?

How does mediation work?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process facilitated by a neutral third-party.
Here's a brief overview:

Parties agree on a mediator, usually an attorney familiar with the issues.

The mediator schedules a mediation session, typically a half or full day.

Parties send confidential statements to the mediator summarizing their position.

In the mediation session, the mediator helps both sides communicate, identify interests and find common ground.

With the mediator’s guidance, parties aim to reach a mutually acceptable settlement agreement.

If successful, the mediator drafts a binding contract outlining the mediated settlement terms.

Mediation provides a constructive forum to resolve disputes through interest-based negotiation rather than enduring lengthy court battles. The process is confidential and focused on achieving mutual progress.

Can what I discuss in mediation come back to bite me in a court case?

The mediation process is confidential. That means mediators cannot be called to testify and any documents or admissions made in mediation are inadmissible as evidence. You can engage openly in mediation without worrying it will hurt your legal position later.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Litigation

Mediator Jeffrey R. Windsor has decades of experience in matters involving shareholder-related issues, real estate disputes, construction project claims, and personal injury cases and estate disagreements, among others.

As a mediator, Jeffrey R. Windsor focuses on these types of cases, including Commercial Mediation, Business Partner Mediation, Personal Injury matters, and Elder & Estate Planning Mediation.

Jeff can hold in-person mediations in our San Mateo, California, office and in Honolulu, Hawaii. He can also travel anywhere in both states, and mediate by video conference.

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