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Litigation can play an instrumental role in
resolving a legal dispute.

For Both Individuals and Businesses

Litigation can play an instrumental role in resolving a legal dispute.

Litigation compels parties to evaluate their respective responsibilities in a conflict, gives them the opportunity to assert their legal rights and pursue remedies, and offers a platform for them to present their case, gather evidence, and seek a just outcome.

It is important to be aware that litigation can be lengthy and costly, often taking months or years to reach a courtroom. You might be able to resolve your case more quickly and for less money through mediation or arbitration.

Practice Areas

At Windsor PLC, our civil litigation attorneys have deep
expertise in the following types of legal claims

At Windsor PLC, our civil litigation attorneys have deep expertise in the following types of legal claims

Real Estate Litigation

We litigate construction defect disputes, property damage cases, cases involving non-disclosure of material defects, and commercial landlord/tenant disputes.

Commercial Litigation

From entrepreneurs to growing and middle market companies in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, our litigation attorneys represent a wide range of businesses in contract, partnership and corporate matters.

Insurance Litigation

We handle bad faith insurance cases, where an insurance carrier has refused to pay a claim. We also offer policy coverage analysis.

Personal Injury Litigation

If you have been injured in an accident because of someone else’s negligent or reckless behavior, we will tenaciously seek compensation on your behalf.

Jeffrey R. Windsor

Your Advocates

When mediation or another method of alternative dispute resolution are not the right methods, Jeffrey Windsor and the legal team at Windsor PLC will represent you — they will advocate for you and take whatever action needed, including negotiating a settlement or taking the case to trial.

Talk to the expert civil litigators at Windsor PLC now. They will listen to the details of your case and help you decide if litigation is the right process for you.

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Hear from Our Clients and Peers

“Perfect demeanor and temperament for a mediator, very even-keeled, calm, and calming.”

-Peer review, Attorney

“I have known Jeff for 20 years, and in all of those roles, whether adversary, colleague or confidant, I have witnessed him to be one of the most upstanding individuals I know in terms of his ethics and morality, his competence and thoughtfulness.”

-Peer Review, Partner

“Fantastic experience! I had the pleasure to be a client of Jeff Windsor's. Not only was Jeff extremely professional and knowledgeable, but he was outstanding in handling my case and seeing me through all roadblocks over the course of several years.”

-Maggie K.

Have Questions?

What is civil litigation?

Civil litigation is a legal process through which two or more parties seek resolution of a legal dispute through the court system. It involves conflicts between individuals, organizations, businesses or other entities over various issues, such as construction disputes, insurance, property damage, personal injury and many others.

What are the possible outcomes of civil litigation?

The outcomes of litigation may include a judgment in favor of one party, a settlement, dismissal of the case, or an appeal. The specific outcome depends on the facts of the case and the applicable laws.

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