Demanding Accountability from Insurers

If your insurer wrongfully denied your claim or coverage, we can demand accountability.

Insurance policies represent a promise. When you pay premiums, you expect coverage if catastrophe strikes.

At Windsor PLC, we believe in honoring promises. If your insurer wrongfully denied your claim or coverage, we can demand accountability. We’ll analyze your policy, work to prove your entitlements and fight with tenacity — either at the negotiation table or in the courtroom.

We understand how insurers operate and know where to apply pressure. Let us battle on your behalf to get the coverage you deserve.

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Insurance Disputes in California

We’re available to address bad faith insurance claims involving the following:

Auto insurance

Business/commercial general liability insurance

Homeowners insurance

Our Approach to Insurance Litigation

We address each insurance case based on the unique policy terms, facts, and client goals involved. Key aspects of our insurance litigation services include:

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  • Policy Review & Analysis

    We examine the insurance policies at issue to identify all potential sources of coverage for a claim. That sets the legal foundation for the case.

  • Negotiation with Insurers

    When appropriate, we work to reach a satisfactory settlement through negotiation before taking legal action. However, we will not hesitate to file suit if needed.

  • Trial Representation

    We have the insurance expertise and litigation experience to skillfully present evidence in court if negotiations fail. We fight relentlessly for maximum policy benefits.

  • Appeals and Enforcement

    We can assist with post-judgment appeals or collection efforts to help you recover insurance payments owed, fully and expeditiously.

$900,000 Settlement

For client that was denied coverage for water damage to home and property.

$500,000 Settlement

Paid by carrier on behalf of client for sexual abuse allegations after initial denial of claim.

$135,00 Settlement

For client in a roofing construction defect and insurance action.

Jeffrey R. Windsor

Why Choose Our Insurance Litigation Firm?

Don’t let an insurance company delay or discount your claim.
Our experienced insurance dispute attorneys have the tenacity and resources to fight for the maximum insurance payout you deserve.

Contact our law office to discuss your situation and options for pursuing fair claim compensation.

Here’s how we help:

  • Demand timely claim handling and push back on improper delays.

  • Retain reconstruction experts to support property damage values.

  • Relentlessly pursue all compensation and benefits owed to you.

  • Hold insurers accountable through litigation if necessary.

Hear from Our Clients and Peers

“Perfect demeanor and temperament for a mediator, very even-keeled, calm, and calming.”

-Peer review, Attorney

“I have known Jeff for 20 years, and in all of those roles, whether adversary, colleague or confidant, I have witnessed him to be one of the most upstanding individuals I know in terms of his ethics and morality, his competence and thoughtfulness.”

-Peer Review, Partner

“Fantastic experience! I had the pleasure to be a client of Jeff Windsor's. Not only was Jeff extremely professional and knowledgeable, but he was outstanding in handling my case and seeing me through all roadblocks over the course of several years.”

-Maggie K.

Have Questions?

What does it mean when an insurance company acts in “bad faith”?

Insurers have a legal duty to deal fairly and make good faith efforts to settle valid claims. Bad faith refers to unreasonable denials, delays or misconduct in the handling of a claim.

Can I clean up or repair damage before the insurance adjuster arrives?

You should take steps to prevent further damage/loss, and discuss with an attorney before making permanent repairs.

What if my insurance company disputes my contractor's estimates?

Insurers sometimes dispute repair estimates. If that occurs, we can advocate on your behalf, assess actual costs and fight to establish evidence supporting your claim amounts.

What are “additional living expenses” and how should I document them?

ALE coverage provides for temporary housing and other costs due to property loss. Track all ALE, such as hotel stays, restaurant meals and mileage. Keep all receipts.

Do insurance claims have a statute of limitations in California?

Yes. Typically, you have one or two years from the date of loss to file a lawsuit over a denied or disputed insurance claim. This should be reviewed with an attorney; act promptly to avoid jeopardizing your rights.

Do I need an insurance lawyer?

Engaging an experienced insurance attorney is usually wise if your claim has been denied or you are struggling to reach a fair settlement. An attorney has the expertise to navigate complex policies, prove your entitlements, negotiate with insurers and take legal action if needed. Having a lawyer in your corner levels the playing field and provides critical support when you need it most. We routinely help clients maximize insurance claim outcomes.

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